Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Some FAQs Regarding Trekking to Kilimanjaro in Africa

An adventure trip or trekking trip to Africa, the birthplace of human evolution, is always an exciting one. In order to explore the vast open fields of wilderness, the lifestyle of Masai or the highest mountain Kilimanjaro, you need to prepare yourself in advance.

The FAQs Regarding the Mountain Trek

A Charity trek Kilimanjaro can be really fascinating if you are well versed with the spot. Let’s start with a few basic questions:

Charity trek Kilimanjaro

Where is The Great Kilimanjaro Located?
Before you set out for Charity trek Kilimanjaro, you should know where exactly you are going. The Africa’s highest mountain, the Kilimanjaro is a part of the Kilimanjaro National Park in Tanzania, at the border of Kenya.

How to Plan a Trek to Kilimanjaro?
There are plenty of trekking companies that will guide you for a successful Charity trek Kilimanjaro. The park authority made it mandatory to sign up with a notable trekking agency to climb the mountain. The selection of the company is however completely yours.

How Difficult it is to Climb The Mountain Top?
The Charity trek Kilimanjaro can be achieved by all as all the routes are walking routes. You don’t need to be a pro to climb the mountain.

Is Age And Fitness is a Bar?
Well, age and fitness are not bars at all as long you are able to walk. The minimum age limit is 10 years, while you can climb the mountain at the age of 90 years too. However, physical fitness is required as the air becomes thin on the top and tourists with breathing problem might find it hard. Stay fit as much as possible to enjoy the trek to the apex.

The Duration of Trek
The Charity trek Kilimanjaro can take at least 5 days and you have to prepare accordingly. 

Gather all the information in advance to plan your trek in between January - March or June - October.

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